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Invisible fence capability and dog barking

I watched the video on Kickstarter about Scollar and am interested in the collar. I was wondering how it can connect with a previously installed invisible fence. We got an invisible fence installed and my two small dogs wear a separate collar for that to go outside. How does Scollar connect with the invisible fence we already have? Also how does it work to deter barking? Does it vibrate if the dog barks at all? Also, what is the neck circumference range? My little pups have about 8-9" neck circumference. Thanks!

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Hi Maggie!  

Thank you for asking. We are all too familiar with the separate collar for the invisible fence. We have the same issue - except our guy is a Golden Retriever and actually burst through the fence into the neighbor's yard before we installed the invisible fence!  This is a big reason we created Scollar!


We are still developing additional module functionality, such as working with the invisible fence. Please let us know the model and manufacturer of your invisible fence, and we will work with that manufacturer to enable that capability in Scollar. 

What do you currently use for an anti-bark system?  Citronella?  Shock?  Vibration?  We are still developing this module and want to ensure we create functionality that works for you. Or, if you don't have an anti-bark system, what are you planning to use?

The Scollar Mini is designed for neck sizes ranging from 8" to 12", so should fit your furry pals just fine!


Lisa Tamayo


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